Monday, 30 March 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers 31.12.2014 TO 02.01.2015

1.  BJP  President  Amit  Shah  was  discharged  by the CBI Court from which case recently
(a) Mumbai Blast case
(b) Sohrabuddin case
(c) Tulsiram Prajapati case
(d) Both (b) and (c)
(e) None of these

2.  Car  &  TVprises  increased  due  to  the  increase in
(a) Excise duty  (b) VAT
(c) GST    (d) Solar Tax
(e) Entry tax

3.  Recently  India  has  put  all  its  Nuclear  Power  Reactors  under  which  agency’s
(a) NSG    (b) NCPIL
(c) IAEA    (d) UNO
(e) WTO

4.  National  Judicial  Appointment  Commission  (NJAC)  will  recommend  appointment of Judges to
(a) Supreme Court
(b) High Court
(c) District Court
(d) Both (a) & (b)
(e) None of these

5.  Who  will  head  the  National  Judicial  Appointment Commission (NJAC)
(a) PM
(b) President
(c) CJI
(d) Union Law Minister
(e) None of these

6.  What  will  be  the  total  strength  of  the  NJAC?
(a) 8    (b) 6
(c) 10    (d) 17
(e) 4

7.  The  NITI  Ayog  has  been  created  by  dissolving
(a) Union Finance Ministry
(b) NDC
(c) Planning Commission
(d) Inter State Council
(e) None of these

8.  Who will head the NITI Ayog?
(a) President
(b) PM
(c) Finance Minister
(d) Home Minister
(e) None of these

9.  Who  among  the  following  will  not  be  in  the NITI Ayog
(a) PM    (b) CM
(c) Governor  (d) Lt. Governor
(e) All of these

10.  What is the name of the emergency mobile  application  created  &  launched  by  Delhi  police for women
(a) Takat  (b) Nirbhaya
(c) Himayat    (d) Sahaya
(e) None of these

11.  Name  of  the  Air  Asia  aeroplane  that  met  with accident recently
(a) QZ8501    (b) SZ 8501
(c) QS 8501  (d) QL 8501
(e) None of these

12.  Ukraine President has signed an agreement  to join which of the following recently
(a) WTO    (b) UNO
(c) NATO    (d) ASEDN
(e) CIS

13.  Which nation became the President of the  European Union
(a) Latvia    (b) Ukraine
(c) Italy    (d) Cyprus
(e) France

14.  UN  security  council  failed  to  pass  a  resolution  on  statehood  to  which  of  the
following due to USA opposition
(a) Ukraine    (b) Kosovo
(c) Latvia    (d) Palestine
(e) Crimea

15.  List  of  Nuclear  establishment  has  been  exchanged recently between India &
(a) USA    (b) UK
(c) France    (d) China
(e) Pakistan

16.  Google  Inc’s  Gmail  service  was  blocked  by which country recently
(a) India    (b) USA
(c) Ireland     (d) China
(e) Egypt

17.  Budget for 2014-15  proposed to built how  many smart cities in India
(a) 20    (b) 50
(c) 100    (d) 200
(e) 300

18.  Who  among  the  following  expressed  his  reservation  on  the  PM’s  “Make  in  India”  strategy
(a) Arun Jaitly  (b) Raghuram Rajan
(c) Amartya Sen  (d) Meghnad Desai
(e) None of these

19.  RBI  has  extended  the  date  for  receiving  application for small & payment bank to
(a) 16 th January 

(b) 2nd February
(c) 15 th March  (d) 30 th March
(e) 1 st April

20.  K. Radhakrishnan retired as Chairman of
(a) SEBI    (b) IRDA
(c) ISRO    (d) CII

21.  M.  Sathvyarthy  become  the  1 st woman  head of which agency
(a) DRDO    (b) DGCA
(c) SEBI    (d) FICCI
(e) CII

22.  Indian Oil Corporation and other PSU Oil  Companies have reported inventory loss of
what amount due to depreciation of Indian  rupee
(a) Rs. 1000 cr.  (b) Rs. 5000 cr.
(c) Rs. 10,000 cr.  (d) Rs. 1 lakh cr.
(e) None of these

23.  Lord Meghanad Desai is a famous
(a) Businessman  (b) Industrialist
(c) Economist  (d) Scientist
(e) Politician

24.  B.G.  Verghese  who  died  recently  is  a  famous
(a) Lawyer    (b) Sport Person
(c) Scientist    (d) Journalist
(e) Industrialist

25.  Which  Indian  Player  declared  his  retirement from Test Cricket recently
(a) Yubraj Singh  (b) M.S. Dhoni
(c) Virat Kohli  (d) Dinesh Kartik
(e) None of these




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