Sunday, 5 April 2015

Clarification about caste validity certificate for Joining

# In case of SC/ST candidates there caste category is same in both state as well as central level. Only issue with OBC candidates since many people are belonging to different caste like, VJ, NT, SBC etc. in the state but they falls under OBC category at central level since there are only 4 caste categories at central level i.e SC,ST,OBC & GEN.

# Those candidates which are got allotment in respective category quota are required to submit the caste as well as caste validity certificate so as to claim caste reserved seats.

# some banks asks for caste validity certificate before joining, some may not ask at the time of joining but will ask later before making you confirmed in the service. Your job confirmation is subject to comply with caste validity certificate. It is required for any state as well as central government job including jobs in banks.

# Those already having caste validity certificate (many people get caste validity certificate at 12 standard, so submit the same, no issue for them.

# Those who don't have caste validity certificate, then has to submit it after joining within 2 yr or before completion of probation period.

# How to get caste validity certificate those who don't have it- you can not validate your caste at this time, so what you can do- you join the bank, then only submit your caste validity application proposal through your respective HR department to the caste validity office in your locality. They generally issue caste validity certificate within 6 months subject to proper submission of documents & other related records.

# At last, those people who have question whether central government caste validity certificate is required? - No, no separate caste validity certificate is issued by government, your caste at the state level remain as it is in central government, only category purpose central OBC certificate is required due to legal formality. So caste validity certificate of state is required not the validity certificate for the Central certificate is required nor it is issued by government.


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