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Computer Quiz 2

1. A --------is an electronic device that executes the instructions in a program.

(a) Gadget

(b) Computer

(c) Electronic Instrument

(d) Device


2. Match the following.

(a) Accepts Data 1. Output

(b) Processes Data 2. Storage

(c) Produces Output 3. Processing

(d) Stores Result 4. Input

(a) a-4 ,b-3 ,c-4 ,d-2

(b) a-2,b-1,c-3,d-4

(c) a-3,b-2,c-1,d-4

(d) a-1,b-4,c-2,d-3


3. The physical parts of the computer known as ---

(a) Software

(b) Data

(c) Hardware



4. The programs (instructions) that tell the computer what to do is called as


(a) Information

(b) Data

(c) Hardware

(d) Software


5. What makes a computer powerful?

(a) Speed

(b) Reliability

(c) Storage

(d) All of the above


6. PDA refers to -----

(a) Personal Digital Assistant

(b) Personal Device Assistant

(c) Person Digital Assistant

(d) Personal Data Assistant


7. The computer, which is used for massive amounts of calculations like

weather forecasting, engineering design and economic forecasting etc., is

known as ---

(a) Mini Computer

(b) Notebook

(c) Desktop Computer

(d) Super Computer


8. -----Is the heart of a network of computers or terminals, which allows

people to work at the same time on the same data.

(a) Mainframe Computer

(b) Personal Computer

(c) Mini Computer

(d) Super Computer


9. -----Handles communication between computers on the network.

(a) Computer

(b)Central Processing Unit

(c) A Network Server

(d)Storage Unit


10. Find the right sequence in most of the cases to produce a document .

(a) Edit, Format, Print, Create, Save

(b)Create, Edit, Format, Print, Save

(c) Create, Edit, Format, Save, Print

(d)Edit, Format, Create, Print, Save


11. Data means the ---- given to a computer.

(a) Information


(c) Values

(d)Raw facts


12. Programs are the sets of ----- that direct the computer.

(a) Commands


(c) Values



13. ------ Are the special codes or keywords that the user inputs to perform

a task.

(a) Commands


(c) Programs



14. ----- Is the device, which moves cursor around the screen faster than

using keystrokes.

(a) Joystick


(c) Mouse

(d)Pointing device


15. ----- Has no ability to process or store data.

(a) Terminal

(b)A Intelligent terminal

(c) A Dumb terminal

(d)None of the above


16. -----Can process or store on its own, at least to a limited extent.

(a) A Intelligent terminal

(b) Terminal

(c) Screen

(d) A dumb terminal


17. Name of the terminal, which is used at supermarkets, departmental

stores and restaurants etc.

(a) Intelligent terminal

(b)Point-of-Sale terminal (P-O-S)

(c) Calculating Machines

(d)None of the above


18. CPU stands for ----

(a) Central Processing Unit

(b)Central Protecting Unit

(c) Computer Processing Unit

(d)Central Program Unit


19. VDT refers to ----

(a) Vital Data Transfer

(b)Virtual Data Transfer

(c) Video Desk Terminal

(d)Video Display Terminal


20. The keys on the keyboard, which may be programmed to do a special

tasks are the ---

(a) Numeric key pad

(b)Arrow keys

(c) Function keys

(d)Navigation keys


21. Joystick, Mouse etc. are the examples of -----

(a) Multimedia devices

(b)Data entry devices

(c) Pointing devices

(d)None of the above


22. ----- Is the part of the computer that controls the machine cycle.

(a) Control unit


(c) Memory

(d)None of the above


23. Find the correct sequence in a machine cycle.

1. Actually process the command

2. Translate it into computer commands

3. Write the result to a main memory

4. Get an instruction from main memory

(a) 4,1,2,3

(b) 4,2,1,3

(c) 4,3,2,1



24. ALU stands for.

(a) Arithmetic Logical Unit

(b) Arithmetic Local Unit

(c) Arithmetic Unit

(d) Accurate Logical Unit

Choose (A) Right or (B) Wrong from Q.No.25 to Q.No. 30.


25. Greater than (>) is a arithmetic operator (Right (A) / Wrong (B)


26. Divide (/) is a logical operator (Right (A) / Wrong (B)


27. Not Equal to (Not =) is a logical operation (Right (A) / Wrong (B)


28 Multiply (*) is a arithmetic operation (Right (A) / Wrong (B)


29. Equal to (=) is Arithmetic operation (Right (A) / Wrong (B)


30. Plus (+) is Arithmetic Operation (Right (A) / Wrong (B)


31. From the given below options, one is not related to the same group.

Find the different one.

(a) DOS


(c) Unix



32. When the computer is turned off. All the data in a main memory

disappears. A data storage method of this type is called.

(a) Non-Volatile


(c) Cache

(d)None of the above


33. Numbers written with just 0 and 1 are called --- numbers

(a) Binary


(c) Logical

(d)General numbers


34. Match the following

(a) 1 Bit

(b) 1 Byte

(c) 1 Kilobyte (KB)

(d) 1 Megabyte (MB)

1. 8 Bits

2. 0 or 1

3. 1024 Kilobytes

4. 1024 Bytes

(a) a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3

(b)a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4

(c) a-2, b-3, c-4, d-1

(d)a-1, b-4, c-2, d-3


35. ---- is the amount of data the CPU can transmit at a time to main

memory and to input and output devices

(a) Bus Width

(b)Data Width

(c) Memory Width

(d)None of the above


36. The information processing cycle includes the following processes

(a) Input, Processing, Output, Storage

(b)Input, Output, Manipulation, Arithmetic

(c) Data, Processing, Printing, Editing

(d)Storage, Display, Data, Information


37. The processor consists of the following parts

(a) CPU & Main memory

(b)Control Unit and ALU

(c) Main Memory and Storage

(d)Operating System and Applications


38. The ALU performs the following actions

(a) Both Calculations & Logical Operations

(b)Only calculations

(c) Checks data for accuracy

(d)None of the above


39. The Megabyte actually equal to --- kilobytes

(a) 1000


(c) 1024



40. ----Works like a photocopy machine and creates a digital image

(a) Scanner


(c) Printer



41. Typing the wrong character is what type of error

(a) Transposition Error

(b)Transcription Error

(c) Typing Error

(d)Technical Error


42. Which of the following is an example of Transcription error

(a) 7355 instead of 3755

(b)Saksi instead of sakshi

(c) 7355 instead of 7455

(d)None of the above


43. Interchanging the two characters is --- type of error

(a) Transposition error

(b)Transcription error

(c) Tying error

(d)Technical error


44. The computer message reads, “Do you want to save the changes made

to Document 1?” The user clicks on the button labeled “YES”. This is an

example of ----

(a) Data Input

(b)User Interaction with the system

(c) A program

(d)None of the above


45. 1 nanosecond means ----

(a) 1 billionth of a minute

(b)I billionth of a second

(c) 1 millionth of a minute

(d)1 millionth of a second


46. After completion of typing we will get print, this output is called

(a) File


(c) Multimedia



47. Output with a combination of sounds, videos and pictures is called as --

(a) File


(c) Multimedia



48. A laser printer is an example of --- printer

(a) Dot-matrix


(c) Chain



49. An individual dot on a computer screen is called ---

(a) Character


(c) Font



50. The speed of the laser printer can be measured in

(a) Pages Per Minute (PPM)

(b)Characters Per Minute (CPM)

(c) Lines Per Minute (LPM)

(d)Inches Per Second (IPS)

Answers :

1 B 11 D 21 C 31 D 41 B
2 A 12 B 22 A 32 B 42 C
3 C 13 A 23 B 33 A 43 A
4 D 14 C 24 A 34 A 44 B
5 D 15 C 25 B 35 A 45 B
6 A 16 A 26 B 36 A 46 B
7 D 17 B 27 A 37 B 47 C
8 A 18 A 28 A 38 A 48 D
9 C 19 D 29 B 39 C 49 B
10 C 20 C 30 A 40 A 50 A


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