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SBI PO English Quiz -17

Direction (Q. 1 - 10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

The good earth has been a cockpit of conflict and war through centuries of human history. These wars have taken a heavy toll of human life. The twentieth century, which witnessed two world wars, was easily the worst. World War II concluded with two atom bombs let loose by the US on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet humanity does not seem to have learnt the lesson. To be sure, while World War 11 followed World War 1 in a little more than two decades, World War III has not taken place so far. However, the years since World War II have not been years of peace. After World War II, the US and USSR emerged as two superpowers. They led two hostile power blocs confronting each other. The confrontation could have easily led to the conflagration of World War III. Fortunately for humanity, the confrontation remained as a prolonged cold war which came to an end with the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 and of the Soviet Bloc of countries. The Warsaw Pact, which tied these countries together, was wound up. However, even after the end of the cold war, the US has not found it necessary to wind up the Atlantic Pact. On the other hand, its scope has been widened so as to include countries of the erstwhile Warsaw Pact. Through all this period, the world was afflicted by conflict and war. Since 1945 till the present, nearly 200 international and civil wars have been fought around the world. Of this, the Vietnam war was the most brutal and horrendous. It took a toll of two million lives and ultimately ended in the ignominious withdrawal of the US from the obscure country of Asia. The only lesson the US learnt from this war is that in future it should engage only in remotely controlled wars as in Iraq and Kosovo without directly engaging its troops on the ground. If in the process two lakh Iraqi lives are lost it should not matter, since in its view America is the only "indispensable country" and only American lives are precious.

The UN ESCO Charter says that wars are born in the minds of men and it is only by changing the mindset that wars can be avoided. The message of Indian civilization through centuries from Bhagwan Buddha to Mahatma Gandhi has been of nonviolence. Ahimsaparamo dharma has been the motto. The charter of humanity today should commend this message to all the countries of the world, particularly the sole surviving superpower. The United Nations, which was established after World War 11, should adopt it as its motto. After al 1 these years of war, humanity should expressly abjure war as the instrument of solving disputes.

1. What do you make out of the expression, 'the good earth has been a cockpit of conflict and war'?

1) The earth has faced several wars.

2) The innocent earth has been the hub of conflict and war.

3) The earth has been unusually dragged in conflicts and wars.

4) The earth has been a mute witness to conflicts and wars.

5) None of these

2. Both the World Wars have been

1) a symbol of power and prestige for victorious nations

2) a dividing factor among warring nations

3) a black chapter in the history of humanity

4) a result of conquering the world

5) a blessing for the nations of the world

3. The cold war failed to materialise into a full-fledged world war because of

1) the united voice of humanity against war.

2) destruction of lives and property caused by both World Wars.

3) the opposition to the idea of war by mighty nations.

4) breaking of the USSR.

5) the rejection of any such activity by the powers-that-be.

4. What was the Warsaw Pact responsible for?

1) for forming a bloc of nations under the USSR for opposing wars

2) for forming a Soviet Bloc of countries against the US and its allies

3) for calling an end to conflicts and wars

4) for ensuring peace and amity in the world

5) None of these

5. What has been the attitude of the US after the end of the cold war?

1) Facing no opposition, it has misused its power.

2) It has shown hostility towards countries which were within the Soviet Bloc.

3) It has supported the cause of war.

4) It has drifted away from world politics.

5) None of these

6. How can we avoid the scourge of war?

1) by framing policies against it

2) by declaring wars as illegal

3) by making the people aware about the devastation caused by wars

4) by destroying every weapon of mass destruction in the entire world

5) None of these

7. What should be the motto of the United Nations?

1) There is no end to violence.

2) Violence generates violence.

3) Peace as an alternative to war.

4) War is no solution to a problem.

5) None of these

8. Which of the following can be derived from the passage?

1) Americans believe themselves to be the saviour of the world community.

2) The Soviet Union had always been opposed to the idea of war.

3) War has not proved to be a solution to any problem.

4) After the disintegration of Soviet Union, wars have come to a standstill.

5) None of these

9. Give a suitable title for the passage.

1) War and peace 2) Role of the United Nations

3) War and violence 4) Consequences of World Wars

5) Perils of war on humanity

Direction (Q. 10): Choose the word which is the same in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage.


1) Trouble some 2) problematic 3) continued 4) redundant 5) treacherous























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